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How Does Kopi Luwak Taste

Kopi Luwak Suryana How Does Kopi Luwak Taste ; If you ask this question to a handful of people, you will probably get very diverse answers. Kopi Luwak is a very unique coffee with a taste that is difficult to compare, although many people believe it has orange, floral, chocolate, and buttery undertones. Even more importantly, it has a smooth and fresh flavor with a long finish that is sure to be remembered.

What does kopi luwak taste like ?
If you ask some one who has tasted it, he will say that it tastes like heaven. There are several different species of beans that are eaten and harvested from palm civets, including Arabica, Liberica, and Robusto, so each one has a different taste. However, kopi luwak has an amazingly smooth taste, with no trace of bitterness. Actually the Luwak picks the best and sweetest coffee cherries using their special senses. Once, the coffee cherries goes through Luwak digestive track, a special enzyme will start breaking down the protein that gives the coffee it's bitter taste.
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